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Why Eco Island?

When disposed of, our products will biodegrade within 60-120 days instead of the typical “Styrofoam” container that will stay in our oceans and on our land for 500+ years, and takes up 25-30% of the landfills (and that’s not counting what is littered throughout our beaches and streets). Our beautiful oceans are filled with pieces of toxic “Styrofoam” that are consumed by the wildlife animals. These animals eventually die of malnutrition from what they thought was food that they were eating. In addition to the harmful effects “Styrofoam” has on the environment and ecosystems, it also contains chemicals that can do major harm to our bodies.

“Styrofoam” is known to contain chemicals such as neurotoxins styrene and benzene which have been linked to cancer, vision and hearing loss, impaired memory and concentration, and nervous system effects. These toxins seep into our foods and enter our bodies without us even realizing.

At Eco Island Packaging we understand that not everyone has the resources or facilities to recycle and that is why we feel that by providing our communities with products that won’t harm our environment or personal health, we can still help make a difference. I have always considered the Caribbean to be the most beautiful place on earth and its time we all come together to keep it that way. Let’s do our part by stopping the use of “Styrofoam” and other harmful products because we want our children to grow up with the same beauty that past generations have seen.

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