Eco Island Packaging Products and Their Benefits

January 23, 2018

At Eco island packaging, we make use of biodegradable materials when designing our products. We understand the effects non-biodegradable products have on the environment and we are doing our part in curbing these environmental hazards. We produce a number of products such as takeaway containers, compostable cups, and wooden cutleries.

Takeaway Containers

Our takeaway containers are very unique as they are made from sugarcane. These takeaway containers are made from the pulp substance known as bagasse which remains after the extraction of the sugar juice from the sugarcane. This set of takeaway containers that we produce are made from unbleached bagasse. These food containers are 100% biodegradable, and they do not contain any toxic materials which therefore makes their decomposition easier. These takeaway containers are easily riveted back into the ecosystem.  These takeaway containers which are eco-friendly are also very safe and reliable. Due to the strength of the sugarcane fibre, they are much more durable than the average takeaway containers. We have different types of takeaway containers in our series and they are: hamburger containers, lunch box containers, round plates and compartment containers. Unlike the conventional takeaway containers, our sugarcane takeaway containers are a wonder, and will not change the taste of the food put in it.

Compostable Cups

Our cups as the name suggests are compostable. We aim to stop the use of styrofoam products as it has several disadvantages to the health. Our compostable cups are very effective, and are made with materials that are completely biodegradable as that is our motto. Our compostable cups have the same abilities that plastic and styrofoam cups have but without the health risks. Our compostable cups have wonderful thermal qualities as the cups are made up of recycled materials which are completely compostable. We also make available hot compostable cups for tea, coffee, and soup drinkers. The hot compostable cups are made from materials which are renewable, sustainable and biodegradable substances. Our compostable cups can be added to the trash as they are easily biodegraded and added back into the ecosystem. We at eco island packaging strongly believe in biodegradable materials and recycling. These cups can be added to compost as the biodegrade in soil in no time.

Wooden Cutlery

Our disposable wooden cutlery are a better alternative to the plastic cutleries that are also disposable. Our cutleries are eco-friendly, compostable and 100% biodegradable. Our wooden cutleries are made from sustainable wood and wood products. These cutleries are effective, affordable and eco-friendly. There are no additional materials added when making these cutleries. These cutleries are safe, reliable and durable as opposed to the plastic alternative that poses quite a number of health risks. These cutleries are compostable and can easily be added back into the ecosystem and soil in no time as they can easily be broken down.

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