Our mission is to help Caribbean communities and businesses reduce the use of harmful products such as “Styrofoam” by providing 100% biodegradable food containers made from sustainable resources.

To eliminate the use of “Styrofoam” and other products that are harmful to our health and the environment by becoming the largest supplier/manufacturer of biodegradable food containers in the Caribbean.

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From the Founder

After marrying a native Antiguan and a University of Health Sciences Antigua owner, Adedayo Akande, in early 2016, I decided to leave the US for a more permanent home on the island of Antigua. Throughout my visits to the island over the last 10 years, I was amazed by its scenic beauty but also by the beauty of the people who live here. I have always been welcomed with open arms and have met so many incredible people along the way. During my trips to the island I also experienced a not-so-beautiful side to the island; the lack of recycling resources and the amount of environmental waste that takes place daily. I quickly realized that “Styrofoam” is about as common as a coconut on the side of the road. I knew there was more that I could do to help this beautiful island STAY beautiful. So, I created ECO ISLAND PACKAGING! We import eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sustainably sourced food and beverage containers made from unbleached sugarcane bagasse and other sustainable sources and other sustainable sources. By giving our communities an alternative to “Styrofoam” or other harmful products, we are helping to save our health and the environment at the same time. Please help spread the word about these products so we can change the way we think about waste!

- Ronda Boertmann Akande

Core Values:


Continuing to find and source the best when it comes to our products and our team.


Working closely with our suppliers to assure we are providing our communities with what they need, and giving great service to our customers as we continue to grow this new market in the Caribbean.


Doing our best to protect our earth, animals, and everything that surrounds us by pushing out the harmful products and replacing them with eco-friendly alternatives.


We will educate our communities on the importance of having safer products for our personal health and for the future of our earth.

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